Indochina Tours

Our Indochina tour encompasses the very best sites in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The neighboring countries in South-East Asia have so much to offer tourists and their different customs, culture and traditions are all on display for all to appreciate. The three countries are home to ancient civilizations and many inhabitants still practice cultural beliefs handed down to them by their ancestors.

Vietnam Cambodia Tour – 15 days

Type: Deluxe Tour

Duration: 15Days/14nights

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From USD $1310

Vietnam – Lao – Cambodia 15 days 14 nights

Type: Privater tour

Duration: 15days 14nights

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From USD $1850

Lao Expedition 8 days 7 nights

Type: Privater tour

Duration: 8days 7nights

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From USD $1420

Lao Highlight 5 days 4 nights

Type: Deluxe tour

Duration: 5days 4nights

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From USD $500

Cambodia 7 days 6 nights

Type: Privater tour

Duration: 7days 6nights

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From USD $600

Cambodia 6 days 5 nights

Type: Privater tour

Duration: 6days 5nighs

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From USD $550

Insider's Guide

Indochina derives its name from the French Colonial days and refers to the peninsular of land the three countries occupy . It is roughly between India and China, hence the name.   In Vietnam the currency is the “dong”, and there are many World Heritage sites including Halong Bay and Hoian. Cambodia is famous for the awesome World Heritage site at Siem Reap, the Temples of Angkor, and most traders prefer the US dollar, and although becoming the last of the three countries to welcome tourists, Laos is a country of immense beauty and natural landscapes where the emphasis on eco-tourism is noticeable. The country is home to Heritage Listed Luang Prabang, its capital Vientiane, and the incredible region of the “4,000 islands”.