Victoria Express Train is the most luxury train service on the route Hanoi – Lao Cai. At present, it is reserved exclusively for travelers who book a stay at Victoria Hotel and Resort Sapa. The train runs daily except for Saturday when it does not operate. On selected day of the week, the train comes with a dining carriage where guests can enjoy fine European style cuisines.


victoria express-train-sapa

Come along on the luxurious Victoria Express,it is the most luxurious accommodation on a Sapa train. The majority of the cabins on its carriages are superior 4-berth cabins, which are ideal for families and groups of travelers, while the rest are 2-berth VIP cabins for single and couples, who are looking for privacy to help enjoy their trips. Paneled woodis featured in all cabins and the terraces of each carriage that follow modern and romantic Western styles with some features of Eastern style.

victoria express -train

Victoria Express

Amenities on Victoria Express are other crucial elements of this deluxe train service. Limited area of the cabins are equipped with enough items to give passengers the most pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, from food and drink to entertainment. Meals are not included in the fare, but snacks and water are offered for passengers during travel time without any charge, along with magazines and newspapers. Moreover, air-conditioners are installed on all cabins, and a light system that is efficient for all passengers. There is not private WC in the cabins, but at either end of the carriage are toilet cabins, which are cleaned frequently to guarantee hygiene for all users.


Victoria train schedule is as follow:
– Depart Hanoi at 21:50 and arrive in Lao Cai at 6:15 next morning (except Sarturday)
– Depart Lao Cai at 21:00 and arrive in Hanoi at 5:30 next morning (except Sarturday)

Pros $ Cons

Quality of services and equipments on Victoria Express are one of the most excellent features of this train. It can be regarded as an effort of the operators to bring the outstanding services of their hotel to their train. Another advantage of this train is that, compared to some other trains, time frame of this train on Hanoi-Lao Cai route is more appropriate to most of the travelers, as they can have some hot meals before entering the train, and wake up at normal time at ending point.
With top-class train like Victoria, fare is always the greatest issue. Victoria Express charge very high price for not only ticket price, but extra fees for services such as hot meals. Also, with the dining carriage not operating frequently, many passengers of this train might feel that they have not fully served, compared to what they have to pay.