surprise cave in halong bay
surprise cave in halong bay

Located inside Bo Hon Island, in the middle Halong Bay, Surprise Cave is considered the most magnificent cave in this extraordinary bay.
Most names of tourist attractions in Halong mostly originate from very interesting stories and Surprise Cave is one of them. At first the cave was named “Grotto de la Surprise” (The cave of Surprise) and recently, it has been shortened to “Surprise”. The title describes the very first feelings of tourists when they enter the cave, full of “wow”, “amazing”, and “unbelievable”.
At first, after few steps into the cave the tourists might think that the cave seems like a narrow and minuscule one, but just few more steps into the cave, it becomes bigger and bigger. Many tourists can not imagine how a tiny path could lead to such a giant, airy, and spectacular cave.
For travelers who have imaginative mind, the inner space of the cave can be seen as a large theater, a theater that was made by Mother Nature. The ceiling is decorated with many stalactites, like colorful chandeliers and the floor with plenty of rocks in diverse shapes of an elephant, horse to a tree, leaves, and flowers. The further tourists go into the cave, the more the interesting shaped rocks appear. Some travelers say that the cave can also be called Cave of Unfathomable Depth.

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surprise cave halong bay


surprise cave


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