Why with us

We are a tour operator, not a travel agency, which means that you are dealing directly with the people who provide the actual service and not through a “broker” who sells someone else’s tours. We offer a full gambit of services to our clients, both local and international, in addition to sight-seeing tours.

1.Reasonable Price and Quality Service

We have built our reputation on long-standing and strong relationships with our service providers. This enables us to secure the best prices in the market place, and pass all savings on to you. We also own our own vehicles, and employ our own licensed drivers and do not rely on hiring any, which is an added bonus to travelers. Our tour guides are all licensed and have taken specific training in their areas of expertise. Our goal is to be successful in delivering each customer the services they expect from us, and we work hard to make sure this occurs. We take the time to find solutions for any problems foreigners may have, and because our office is centrally located we can find a solution quickly, and help ease your mind. Our well trained staff will advise you and help with any questions you have at all times.

2. Reliability and Saving Time

Reliability is one of the most important aspects of tourism, and with dedicated staff who have many years of experience in the field you will find a reliable partner with us.
We understand that your time is valued, and that you can spend days at times researching the internet for prices, but you can save time and stress by booking with us. Each day you are in our care our staff will discuss the days outing with you, explain the movements, help with any queries you have and importantly the culture and customs the locals you will meet on your outing. This will help you to understand the places visited and the many local’s you will meet.       When you put your vacation in our capable hands, you will save time, money and stress, as the load will be off your shoulders and your mind will be clear to concentrate on your travels. Our customer support representative is available 24/7 for your convenience.

3. Tour conditions:

All our tours are inclusive of, fully air conditioned car/van, licensed guides and driver, entrance fees and any tickets and meals (lunch and dinner based on tour itineraries). Our private tours mean exactly that, and there will be no other participant joining your tour, just only for you and your companion(s) in one vehicle.
We offer a fair price with no hidden charges, if you find a cheaper price than ours, you might think about it, but please remember that some companies that offer you bargains, with complicated stops must be cutting corners somewhere.
Many times they cut time down, and as you know it’s a miracle to cover everything they promise in a day and you don’t realize that some programs have been skipped in order to reduce the time and ticket expenses until it is too late


Paying hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to someone you have not done business with before is a hard decision to make. Please understand that we could not maintain our impeccable name and reputation without complete transparency, and reputation is paramount in our business, as is word of mouth referrals. We will not charge a single penny until you feel 100% sure your money will be safe with us. You may pay with Cash, Credit cards, Paypal, or bank transfer… whichever you prefer.

5. Money Back Guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied with the services provided we will guarantee a refund, but our team strongly believes that we can offer you the best value travel experiences, as we are committed to long-term tourist services in the S E Asia.

Call us anytime at +84. 982358282 or email us : manager@htstour.com